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Welcome to iMarketing Magazine!

Our mission is to identify and explain the applications, services, and technologies that allow companies and professionals to promote products or services using Internet Marketing programs and systems. Readers learn about the available types of Internet Marketing systems, how they operate, and effective ways to use them.








Article Submission

Thank you for considering to submit an article to IPTV magazine. We are happy to recieve contributions from any person or publisher.

Please see our article submission guidelines below:

  1. Article should cover some challenge or opportunity related to the IPTV industry (not news).
  2. The primary focus of the article needs to be unbiased.
  3. The article can highlight the benefits of a technology or service.
  4. Articles should not point out limitations of competing products or services.
  5. We do not accept articles that are previously published by other magazines.
  6. Changes are likely to be suggested by us to remove bias and to add interesting industry facts.
  7. If we make changes, we will submit the proposed version for approval prior to publishing.
  8. Diagrams and photos should be at least 300 dpi.
  9. Product photos should not be included unless they explain the article.
  10. Articles typically include the authors photograph, bio and one line company description.

If we use an article in our magazine, we provide a complementary (free) ad in the magazine.

Article Submission Form

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