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Welcome to iMarketing Magazine!

Our mission is to identify and explain the applications, services, and technologies that allow companies and professionals to promote products or services using Internet Marketing programs and systems. Readers learn about the available types of Internet Marketing systems, how they operate, and effective ways to use them.








iMarketing Magazine Articles

Affiliate Marketing - Articles about sharing marketing and sales programs between companies that want to sell products (merchants) through other companies (affiliates) that are willing to promote these products to their customers.

Banner Marketing - Articles about inserting banner ads into web pages to communicate promotional information and track their effectiveness.

Blog Marketing - Articles about the process of inserting promotional messages into blog postings.

Business Management - Articles about the identification and assignment of company resources (such as people, equipment, and finances) to achieve business objectives.

Content Generation - Articles about the creation of media or information.

Content Management - Articles about the identification, gathering, organization, and coordination of the storage and use of media items.

Email Marketing - Articles about the process of sending marketing and sales information using email messaging systems.

Integrated Marketing - Articles about the process of coordinating the promotion and sales of products or services through multiple communication channels.

Internet Media - Articles about digital information that may be stored or transmitted through the Internet such as voice, data, images, or video.

Link Management - Articles about the identification, creation, insertion, and tracking of links on web pages.

Marketing Management - Articles about the process that identifies, defines and tracks media communication information (such as brochures) that is sent between companies and customers.

Microblogging - Articles about contributing of small amounts of information (e.g. text messages) related to a subject topic on a shared communication medium such as a text, audio or video log on the internet.

Online Stores - Articles about web sites that enable visitors to find, order and purchase products and services.

Outsourcing - Articles about contracting an outside vendor to produce products, services, or to perform specific business functions that would or could be conducted internally.

Podcast Marketing - Articles about the process of inserting promotional messages into podcast media.

RSS Feeds - Articles about the supply of data that is in the really simple syndication (RSS) form of extensible markup language (XML) format that is suitable to be processed by the recipient.

Search Marketing - Articles about promoting and selling products or services through the use of search engines.

Social Media Marketing - Articles about promoting and selling products or services through the use of information (voice, data, or video) that is consumed and produced by related users (within a social network).

Web Hosting - Articles about providing of Internet web program application services such as web page access, allocation of information storage space, and interconnection to the Internet for customers.

Web Site Design - Articles about planning web pages and navigation systems for a web site.

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