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Welcome to iMarketing Magazine!

Our mission is to identify and explain the applications, services, and technologies that allow companies and professionals to promote products or services using Internet Marketing programs and systems. Readers learn about the available types of Internet Marketing systems, how they operate, and effective ways to use them.








Affiliate Marketing Articles

Affiliate marketing is the process of sharing marketing and sales programs between companies that want to sell products (merchants) through other companies (affiliates) that are willing to promote these products to their customers. The affiliate merchant compensates the affiliate partners for their role in communicating and selling to customers.

 The Merchantís Guide to Affiliate Qualification 

This article offers tips that merchants can use to qualify affiliates based on products, web sites and customer profiles and avoid partnerships with publishers that will not generate clicks.


Supporting Affiliate Publishers 

Explains important support material and communication that help co-marketing affiliate publishers manage and maintain affiliate programs. 


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