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White Paper Marketing Book

White Paper Marketing Book
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White Paper Marketing Expert
Lawrence Harte - Media communication expert Lawrence Harte has written thousands of articles, hundreds of white papers, and authored over 100 business and technology books.

Thousands of Articles - for many publications including Popular Science, RCR, Wireless Review, Telecom Business Opportunities, Internet Marketing Magazine, IPTV Magazine, Mobile Video Magazine, and many others.

Hundreds of White Papers - covering key industry topics including IPTV, wireless communication, billing systems, and Internet Marketing.

Authored over 100 Books - on technology and business subjects for industry publishers including McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall, Artech House, Althos Publishing, NTT, APDG and others.

Magazines As the publisher and senior editor of several industry magazines, he has developed a subscriber based of tens of thousands of subscribers of highly targeted people.

Interviews - He has Interviewed over 3200 companies since 2005 which produce digital media products and services.

Degrees and Certificates - has many degrees and certificates including an Executive MBA, BSET, Dale Carnegie Sales, Tom Hopkins Sales, and many others.

Carolyn Luck - Business development expert Carolyn Luck has profiled and prospected companies, managed white paper development projects, and managed affiliate channels.

Business Profiling and Prospecting - Identified over 3,000 potential affiliate companies and performed prospecting and qualifying to establish co-marketing relationships.

Affiliate Networks - Setup and managed affiliate marketing programs from commission junction, Linkshare, Amazon, and other leading affiliate marketing companies.

White Paper Development Projects - Works with co-marketing companies to develop effective white papers.


White Paper Marketing Book
more details
White Paper Marketing Book
White Paper Marketing, More Sales Leads, Less Effort explains how to use white papers to generate lists of highly qualified sales prospects while providing valuable and well received content to readers. Readers will learn how to develop, promote, and track the effectiveness of white paper marketing.

$34.99 Printed, $29.99 eBook